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Very important announcement.

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Very important announcement. Empty Very important announcement.

Post by Feranitar on Sat Mar 17, 2012 10:52 pm

NO MORE SPAM! Spam is driving the team nuts. Here is our description of spam:

Off-Topic- Example- "What's your favorite game?" Spammer: "Mine is mario 64. Hey, what's better, n64 or snes?"

Real Spam- Example- "ssssppppaaaaammmmm"

Repeat posting- Example- "I like bananas" gets deleted, and then you post it again, or posting the same message

Over-Using Pictures- Example- Posting a random picture for no reason. They're allowed, just be on topic with them.

Linking to sites- Example- Go to mah site nao! (link) in a game forum.

Most likely more rules will be added.

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