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Official Forum Rules READ Empty Official Forum Rules READ

Post by Feranitar on Mon Mar 05, 2012 8:10 pm

Okay, these are our rules.

1. RESPECT THESE RULES! Not doing so will result in a warning. If you do it again, a day ban. After that, its a week. After that, it's a month. After that, its permanent.

2. Don't over abuse powers. I.E., we allow swearing and things of that nature, but don't overuse it. If people complain too much, we will inform you.

3.No spamming. Posting irrelevant or pointless messages, posting annoying pictures or messages is quite annoying. Don't do it.

4. Don't talk about ROMs, Emulators, or anything piracy-related like that. ROM hacks are fine, but this is illegal stuff to talk about in a forum.

5. Don't ask for a spot on the staff. If you want to be on the staff, i recommend not asking, we try to find people who aren't selfish and are good members and have good skills for the job.

6. Don't question a ban. A ban is a ban. Just move on and let it happen and bad things won't happen to you.
However if you feel you didn't do anything wrong and a mod abused his/her powers, PLEASE CONTACT AN ADMIN!

7. Stay on topic. Talking about pizza in a pokemon discussion is pointless. You will be warned and your post will be deleted.

8. Don't post just to post. This is similar to spamming, some members have done this for ranks/ stars, please dont do it, as you will be warned and your post will be deleted.
Posting sprees are fine, as long as they are ON-TOPIC!

9. Do not post in topics that have gone 2 months with no replies, this is reviving dead topics, when there is probably already a new topic about it.

More rules may come.

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